Micro Business Solution

WorkWell Investments provides high quality comprehensive programs to businesses with less than 75 employees. 

WorkWell Investments provides tailored wellness programming to groups of micro businesses, achieving economies of scale to keep costs low.  WorkWell Investments works with micro businesses to find ways to offset the costs of wellness programs - including health insurance plans that can realize savings through Health Reimbursement Arrangments (HRAs) and reviewing the Small Business Tax Credit that may be available.

Our micro business solution involves pulling together like-minded micro companies and providing our preferred package to this group. 

WorkWell Investments has recently completed a pilot program with nine micro businesses (fewer than 75 employees) in St. Lawrence County.    Learn more here.


Please click here to request more information about how WorkWell Investments can help your company improve employee health and your bottom line!  A member of our staff will respond to your inquiry with three business days.