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Supporting the health of your employees is extremely important.  Everything from the design of an office space, to the food served at meetings is important.  Take a step back and look at your office.  Do you feel you are in an environment that is supportive of your physical and mental well being?  Do you or your employees sit for more than six hours a day JUST AT WORK?  Have you ever left the office with a pain in your lower back that just wouldn't go away?

The National Geographic Channel recently aired an episode on longevity.  Here is one snippet about the "sitting disease". 

WorkWell Investments office is quite the sight.  Eleven employees - each set up with some form of a standing workstation, and one treadmill workstation to share.  Stop by if you're in the area, and we'll give you a personal tour. 

ERGOTRON SIT-STAND WORKSTATIONS  - Eight of the sit-stand workstations we own are Ergotron products.  We love them so much, we've decided to become resellers.

LIFESPAN TREADMILL WORKSTATIONS - We love the quiet comfort of the LifeSpan worktation.  From spreadsheets to conference calls- employees can work and burn calories at the same time. 

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