Preferred Package

A review of corporate wellness programs reports that comprehensive, results-oriented health promotion programs yield the highest return on investment.

These findings suggest the need for health education, early detection, and appropriate interventions and health programs in order to maximize the return on investments from wellness programs.

WorkWell Investments can implement this preferred package in your micro, small, medium or large business.

The WorkWell Investments Preferred Package is made up of three components:

A Culture of Wellness

  • Strong, visible senior level support
  • Wellness Committee Development and Support
  • Wellness Culture Audit
  • Policy Development
  • Monthly brochure, bulletin board, and poster campaigns
  • Development of Data Dashboard

Employee Health and Behavior Change Strategies

  • Interactive Educational presentations on nutrition, fitness, stress, depression, health care consumerism and much more!
  • Group Incentive Campaigns
  • Tobacco Cessation as needed
  • Personalized and Group Wellness Coaching
  • Lactation Support
  • Ergonomic Evaluations

Employee Health Assessments

  • A Health Risk Assessment for each employee
  • Biometric Health Screenings with immediate results on blood pressure, total cholesterol, glucose and body fat percentage
  • Fitness Assessment

Evaluation is a large component of this package. At the end of the program year we provide each employer with a comprehensive report showing the return on investment realized by contracting with us. 

This is a 13 - 36 month minimum program that, in order to be successful, requires strong commitment from the company. Some of the items we ask for:

  • A wellness committee comprised of employees from all levels
  • Committment of space for presentations and one-on-one meetings
  • Commitment to provide data such as disability claims, sick-leave, health claims
  • Incentives for employees such as paid time off or CASH

WorkWell Investment's flexible programming ensures that your wellness program will continue to meet the changing needs of your organization and employees.


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