Service with a Personal Touch

WorkWell Investments provides state-of-the-art worksite wellness services, provided in-person by highly trained staff.   With over a decade of experience in providing worksite wellness, our services are based on a combination of history with companies in Northern New York and research of best practices in the nation.  

Your employees will know the people providing their wellness services!

My journey began in December of 2008 when they launched a Biggest Loser contest. At that time I was very overweight, a smoker and was diagnosed  with hypertension and borderline diabetes. I encouraged others to join my team and began the process of a “complete overhaul”. I changed my habits and was able to quit smoking. I began eating healthier and exercising regularly. They provided the support to me during this time, and as I progressed, losing 2 lbs a week. As anyone who has a “bad habit” knows, this is not an easy process to undergo and continued support/teaching  is needed, which I did receive throughout this program. The bottom line is that I am now 40 lbs lighter, smoke free, and no longer diabetic.

Sheri L. Sharpe, Mosaic


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