Training & Consulting

WorkWell Investments is here to bring your internal wellness program to the next level

WorkWell Investments has provided wellness program development consulting services for several years.  The following services are designed for the business that already has an internal wellness program in place, or is in the beginning stages of developing a wellness program.  

Wellness Committee Development and Training

Policy Development

Development: WorkWell Investments will use experiential education and team building to motivate your committee to set clear goals and objectives for your internal wellness program.

Training: If your wellness committee often asks questions like "is this legal?", "how do we get more employees to participate?" or "how do we best communicate our goals to employees?", WorkWell Investments can provide the answers.

Very few employees will be successful in adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors if the work environment doesn't support those changes.  Let WorkWell Investments help you develop policies that will encourage employee health and improve your bottom line.

Wellness Program Development

Evaluation Consulting

A well crafted operating plan for your wellness program is essential for the program to be a success.  WorkWell Investments will provide an operating plan bootcamp for your wellness committee, senior management and key staff to guide you through the process.
Are you concerned that your wellness program isn't providing a positive return on investment for your business?  WorkWell Investments will assist you in putting the right evaluation tools in place to demonstrate the financial benefit of your program.


Please click here to request more information about how WorkWell Investments can help your company improve employee health and your bottom line!  A member of our staff will respond to your inquiry with three business days.