Wellness Committee Development and Training

The foundation of your wellness program is your committee

According to the Wellness Council Of America (WELCOA), one of the benchmarks in successful wellness programs today is a strong wellness committee.  Another benchmark is a clear operating plan.

  • Is your organization looking to start a program but is unsure of where to begin?
  • Has your company put a committee in place with no clear direction?
  • Have you had a successful program for years and just need a re-invigorating program development session?

If so, this service is perfect to get and keep your wellness committee on track.  

WorkWell Investments offers a one-day intensive training workshop with activities designed to unite your wellness team, while creating a clear mission, vision and goals for your wellness program. The program will be designed based on the specific needs of your team. WorkWell Investments will be happy to bring this program to your facility, or another location of your choice. (Must have access to the internet and projection screen availability)


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