Where Employee Wellness Pays

With the ever-rising costs of health care, the question isn't who can afford to invest in worksite wellness, the serious question is, who can't?

Cutting health care expenses related to smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and other chronic health problems can save your company real money. According to an articile in  Harvard Business Review, Johnson & Johnson corporate leaders estimate that wellness programs have cumulatively saved the company $250 million on health care costs over the past decade; from 2002 to 2008, the return was $2.71 for every dollar spent. That's serious money.

A well crafted worksite wellness program can provide your business with a strong return on investment.

Wellness literature suggests that a combination of environment and policy changes to support healthier lifestyles will produce more sustainable behavior change.    In a state with skyrocketing chronic disease rates, worksite wellness will play an ever greater role in creating and maintaining a healthy workforce to support economic growth and overall community health. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of strong wellness programs, the following pages will take you to current news and current research. Be sure to share this information with the decision makers at your organization.


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